Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jessica Hische!!!

 So the other day in computer class we went to a open lecture talk thingy with this designer/ illustrator lady whom i had never heard of, this person being Jessica Hische.  I was sort of apathetic at first because design is not of the utmost interest to me.  I looked through her work briefly before we went down and thought it was just a lot of text and a little illustration.  but when we got to the lecture i was pleasantly surprised at how interesting and informative Jessica really was.  She was not to much older than us went to Tyler school of art and is doing lots of work out in her field today.  she had a lot to say about how to persevere in the art business world, even though I don't plan on going into the same line of work as her.  Also after warming up to her personality I could really relate her work to her in an interesting way and had more of an appreciation for what she has made.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So yep, This is an illustrated self portrait from a scaning of my face.  I looked really angry.

Monday, October 11, 2010

lecture series catch up

OK so honestly I have been going to lectures but I have not found many very informative it has all been very generalized talk about how you should get equipment and get a studio space and really make your own work and path in life, Yes the other speakers were practicing artist but I feel they dident have much to say and ended up repeating themselves for an hour. I will talk about Candy Depew who is a designer/ artist from Cleveland Ohio who actually revived her MFA degree from Tyler, which always makes me happy to see practicing artist making a living that went to the same school i go to now. She works with a variety of things. She combines vinyl graphics with porcelain pieces of art she created herself as well as fabric and other design elements. She has been to many interesting art facility including European Ceramics Work Centre in DenBosch the Netherlands as well as residency in the Kohler Arts/Industry Program in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and at the clay studio, Philadelphia.  She has created her own line of panties to fund her making of art and is constantly taking on new projects.  I also thought it was really awesome that she takes on apprentices in her line of work.  Here is a link to her web site http://www.candycoated.org/ definitely something to check out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TED talk from Mike Rowe

Well in this ted talk the guy from dirty jobs talks about one of his experiences on a farm in the mountains.  He was to help castrate lambs and did his research on how they do this.  It is supose to be that you tie a rubber band around the tail and scrotum and the part would just fall off after a while.  But the farmer he was observing first did it a more unorthadox way.  He simply cut the tail and pushed on the penis to reveal the testicles and bit them off with his mouth.  He then showed what happened with the rubber band in comparison.  the lamb seemed to be in extreme pain and was unable to walk, and this process with the rubber band could take over a week. where the lamb who just had its balls bit off seemed fine and the bleeding had stopped.  It just goes to show you how we perceive things one way in ignorance.  He also went into how we perceive jobs that are gross in this bad light and that the way our country is run and how every body looks down on manual and nontech jobs. 

warning sign

Here is a warning sign i designed in illustrator. You can hang it on your wall kids!